Jus Herba Bumi

Oxidant begins when the body defense system reacts against strange substances, such as microorganism. The said oxidants are: super-oxide, hydrogen peroxide, free radicals and lipid peroxide. The existence of bacteria also influence the body defense system by producing natural oxidant which has the capability of killing the bacteria. Such oxidant, however, also kills normal/healthy cells (1.2).

Another oxidant produced by a human body is cytochrome enzyme which can be much found in lungs and liver. Human organs also protect the body against external oxidant entering through air, water and food (1).

Curcumin has the ability to tie those free radicals/oxidants. The fact has been proven by researchers who did the tests on animals and man. In the research carbon tetrachloride was added to increase lipid peroxide rate, it significantly decreased by giving Curcumin (3).


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