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If liver is unhealthy, detoxification will not be fast and more toxin is spread out to all of the body via blood. It will lead to various chronic deceases.

Can we say that we are lucky not knowing that our lives are surrounded by toxin? If we know it, we will be scared of doing the activities, going out, having socialization, and eating. But we are more lucky if we know that toxin is everywhere. The more we know, the wiser we will be in maintaining the our body and life.

The explanation is like this. Nowadays people live in an instant and polluted era. Due to served instantly, food is also preserved. Pollution is everywhere. Whether people like it or not, they live side by side with toxin. Poisonous substances are in the food we consume, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

Directly or indirectly, we bring fertilizers into our body via food, chemical elements and addictive in the food, for example artificial color and preservatives. In addition, air pollution from cigarettes smoke, vehicles' emition, pesticydes, and industries' pollutants enter our body.

Those toxin must be thrown out from the body, not including the toxin produced by the body itself. Naturally the body produces toxin through liver by detoxification, or detox for short.

A healthy liver does detox in two mechanism, known as phase 1 and phase 2. At phase 1, the enzymes in the body moves the poisonous elements for more easily processed at phase 2. At phase 2, there are other enzymes that change the toxin into a more easily dissolved in the water. The body then brings them out of the body through urine or feces.

Unhealthy liver cannot do the detoxification as fast as the healthy one. It is easy to guess that if detoxification process is slow, the liver which has not finished the detox process will be attacked by other poisons it has to detox. As a result, there will be more poisons circulate to the whole body through blood.

Some of the toxin are not changeable or can be changed just a little bit or are difficult to be sent away from the body because they slip off of the liver function. As a consequence, those toxin are hiding at the fatty tissue, brain, and at nervous system cells. Those hidden toxin will slowly go into the blood vessels and cause chronic deceases, for instance: liver decease which may lead to hepatitis, and become more dangerous into cirrhosis (liver cancer).

Some of the ways to acknowledge the initial symptoms that there is a disorder of liver function in detoxification due to a lot of toxin than cannot be processed and settle in the body are easily exhausted, weary, dull skin, and easily get sick. Do not neglect if you feel the following symptoms (as revealed by American Liver Foundation) as they may indicate that you might suffer from more serious liver decease. Please contact a physician since it is much better to detect it early rather or it is too late to handle.

  • Change of skin color or eyes to yellow.

  • Swollen stomach, or severe pain at stomach.

  • Prolonged irritation on skin.

  • Dark urine color or pale feces.

  • Chronic weariness, queasy or losing appetite.

Healthy from Food

Since all food and drink entering our body will surely pass the liver, so we must pay a careful attention to keep our liver healthy.

Consume healthy and nutritious food proportionally. Reduce fatty and oily fried food. Doctors ensure us that the risk of gall's bag sickness (including gall's stone, decease related to liver) can be reduced by avoiding high fatty and cholesterol food.

If you are positive of suffering from a liver decease, please reduce the consumption of smoked, preserved, and salted food. Taste your food first before adding it with salt, As substitutes, you may add to your cooking with lemon juice, garlic, onion, pepper, clove, and other spices.

It is better to change the too sweet desserts, snack, and high calorie drink with fruits.

Please maintain your ideal weight. The medical researchers confirm direct correlation between obesity and the increasing gall decease. Those suffering from obesity or diabetes will have more risk and potentials of getting serious liver decease called non-alcoholic-steatohepatitis.

Don't forget to exercise regularly, two or three times a week, to help you keep your liver healthy.

Natural Benefits

Not so many people realize how important the liver function in detoxification is. When the sickness is getting more serious, only then he/she goes to see a doctor.

Some people realize the importance of liver health and look for healing method by detoxification

May be you have ever seen at malls or public practicing places people offer detoxification at a certain amount of money.

Instead of taking actions without knowing the side effects, it is better to consult a doctor. There is one way to help maximize the liver function safely using natural substances.

For decades the people have been using temulawak commonly to heal the liver. Previously the herb having the Latin term Curcuma Xantorrhizae were scrapped, and then squeezed to get the juice and drunk for healing purpose. Today with high technology, temulawak is produced in extract and packed modernly as a tablet.

Temulawak extract is useful as antihepatotoxin and in fixing the liver cells. This herb together with Letichin (Phosphotidylcholine) and vitamin E function to optimize the liver function as detoxification organ.


* The fatal organ in the body functioning as blood vessel cleanser and filter.

* The biggest organ in the body having a big amount of blood, flowing through it at every minute of man's live.

* Size:
Diameter (the biggest): 21-22.5 cm
Height (the biggest): 15-17.5 cm
Thickness (the biggest): 10-12.5 cm
Weight: 1,200 - 1,600 grams

* Functions:

  1. Responsible in production of gall's water kept at gall's bag and released when needed in fat digestion.
  2. Keep glucose in the form of glycogen which will be changed again into glucose when needed as energy.
  3. Has an important role in protein and fat metabolism. Liver keeps vitamin A, D, K, B12, and folat and unite blood clotting factors.
  4. As detoxifier (detox tool), breaking or changing the elements such as ammonia, metabolism, medicine, alcohol and chemical wastes, to be sent away from the body. When seen under a microscope, we can see a line of liver cells separated by rooms acting as filters.

The liver filter is designed to expel the poisonous substances, such as dead cells, micro- organism, chemical elements, medicine, and particle wastes, from the blood vessels. This liver filter is called sinusoidal system, containing particular cells known as Kupffer cells which break and destroy poisonous substances.

Source: liverdoctor.com

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