Jus Herba Bumi

Curcumin maintains the liver function health by influencing the output and production of gall by liver cells. This has been proven with the research done over 19 patients suffering from jaundice/yellow decease. When they were Curcumin, there was an increase k olagogum effect (increase of gall production) (1).

The hepatoprotector effect from Curcumin was tested by adding carbon tetrachloride to the tested animal. The carbon tetrachloride can damage/poison the liver. The animal was then given temulawak extract (Curcumin). There was an increase of liver parencym cells formation which could be signed by the decrease of SGOT and SGPT enzymes as the indicators.


  1. Hadi S., Manfaat Temulawak Ditinjau Dari Segi Kedokteran. Proceeding of National Symposium on Temulawak. Pajajaran University Research Institute.
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