Jus Herba Bumi

Curcumin is also good to lower the rate of total and LDL cholesterols and increase HDL cholesterol by increasing the gall acid flow/gall's liquid from liver.

This gall acid is produced at the liver and functions in assisting the absorption process in the digesting pipe (stomach). The gall's liquid contains water, gall's salts, gall's color element, cholesterol, and fat. In line with the increasing production and output of gall's liquid, it will also increase the output from cholesterol and fat. Therefore, it will lower the exceeding rate of cholesterol in the body (1).

The herbal plant of temulawak seems to be able to prevent various kinds of deceases, for instance cholesterol, coronary heart, stroke, and rheumatic, as temulawak contains an active compound of curcumin which acts as antioxidant and imunostimulator/imunomodulator, said the Head of Drugs and Food Control Agency of the Republic of Indonesia, H. Sampurno, MBA, in the socialization of Drink Temulawak National Campaign (GNMT) at the Head Office of Drugs and Food Control Medan (BBPOM). (Waspada, 21/11/05).


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